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Happy Bowman Williams Holiday Party!

If there is anyone who knows how to kick back and have a good time, it is John and the team at Bowman Williams. What an awesome evening. I wasn’t officially shooting, but I made sure we got a group shot with the entire Bowman Williams family in there!!! Also have a few shots from…

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Plane Flight Back From Texas

I have always tried to get good shots out the window of my plane. It always seems to be difficult to get good shots from 30,000 feet up. This time around, I think I snapped a few good ones. What do you all think?

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Testing my new refractor

Christmas came three years late for me. The kickstarter I backed finally delivered literally three years after they were successfully funded. This makes for some pretty cool photos. Also turned Rechelle into a Picasso XD.

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The First Snow Of Winter!

It finally happened! It snowed! Granted it was just a dusting, but that didn’t stop me from ripping down the stairs and out the door to snap a few images of the snow coming down :).

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